KT Tape PRO Giveaway!

Kerri Walsh

I am fortunate as a runner to have discovered KT Tape in 2008. I was watching the Summer Olympics in China when Kerri Walsh appeared wearing it on her shoulder. I am always interested in the latest technology or aid that will help make me a better runner. Much of my problems stemmed from under developed quadriceps and hamstring strength. So while I worked to build up these areas, I found that KT Tape provide a level of support to assist. When KT TAPE came out with the PRO Version, I couldn’t stop talking about it, water resistant, stays on for several days, etc. Experience the difference KT TAPE can make in your training! I’ve had the privilege to sit across the table from the staff and trainers. I can tell you that they are committed to providing top quality service and product that will make your crossfit, running, swimming (yes swimming), gymnastics, golf, and weight training more beneficial.

Here is your chance to experience it with a giveaway!

1. Subscribe to my blog leave a comment to this post about an injury you sustained while training or success you’ve had with with KT Tape.
2. OR subscribe to my blog and tag me on twitter with a picture from your training with the hash tag #steelcitylab

Either of these will gain you an entry to the giveaway!

Be sure to visit www.kttape.com You can also click on the link to the right of this page!

KT TAPE Giveaway


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3 comments on “KT Tape PRO Giveaway!
  1. Mitchel De La Rosa says:

    I had actually tweaked my IT band 2 weeks ago after a long run. I kept trying different things for a couple of days to get it to heal faster and to support it while i would run. I had seen a few post with you using the kt tape and contacted you about how to use it. I tell you what that was a big help for me. I put some on the night before a 12 mile run and it gave me no problems. Very awesome product. Thanks again!

  2. amanda says:

    I still am fighting a nagging ITB issue that has been going on for about 8 months. It gets better then flairs up every so often. After my half yesterday I immediately applied KT tape because its the only thing that helps! I really need more đŸ™‚

  3. Taonga says:

    I have had a kne problem for 3 years now I was South Island champion and now 5th in South Island because of my knee

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