2012: year of running

What a great year for health, changes, growth, and community. Thought I would take a few minutes to recap the highlights of 2012.

1. Best Race Experience – Rock N Roll Chicago
What a great city and a well run event. Was my first half of 2012.

This was the last marathon I ran in 2009. Was a great start for my early year training.

2. Best Run – Kayser Half Marathon Orange Beach


In all three half marathons, I set a new PR but this was the most special for two reasons, I ran 2:13:00 and was able to run this with my sister and her family.

3. Most Scenic Run – Valley of Fire Las Vegas

Valley of Fire

Made the one hour drive at 4:30 am to run before sunrise. This was such a breathtaking and moving run. To see the sun come up and watch it reflect of the stones caused me to just stop in my tracks at every turn. A true blessing.

4. Best piece of equipment – Nike GPS watch and app
Nike GPS

I love the feedback I receive during the run. The GPS app provides great motivation and planning for future runs.

5. Best piece of running advice you’ve received: “A long term goal without a daily plan is only an idea.” Hank Johnson This led me to my mantra “the will to prepare”

6. Describe the year in a few words: Amazing. I was afforded some opportunities with KT Tape and Nike along my journey. Doors have opened that I couldn’t have imagined. I was able to run with family and friends. I’ve met so many people who inspire and encourage me to keep going. Reached 1,000 miles in a year for the first time.

7. Most inspiring runner – Three guys on Instagram: Benji Zimmerman, Raul V (v_running), and Butch (butchyboo619) plus the entire team @furtherfasterforever. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and the website http://www.furtherfasterforever.com it’s free! Great group that will motivate and inspire you.

8. Favorite Part of Running routine: Long run Saturdays with Josh Lewis.
Its a great time of catching up on life and building community.

9. Coolest moment from 2012 – Being named Nike Runner of the Week in October
This was beyond words for me. I still haven’t soaked it all in.

10. Special Moment – Any time I am able to run with my sister.


Happy New Year to you.


I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I am embracing the brokenness of my sin and sin nature, that apart from God through the work of Jesus Christ, I can do nothing. I am a work in progress surrounded by people who love the Lord. I want to know my story and be able to see Christ and myself in others.

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5 comments on “2012: year of running
  1. Ali says:

    Great year! I can’t wait to hit the 1K mark this year. How long have you been running with Nike+?

    • davidagraves says:

      I’ve been using their app since I ran for the first time in 2008. Logged 500 miles in 2009. Suffered an injury that put me out for most of 2010 and 2011. Started back last December. Have logged over 1700 miles total on the app and will hit 2,000 in March.

  2. David – I am so glad our paths crossed. I am not sure how we found each other #POTSC? but I am glad we did. You rock bro, your encouragement makes everyone else around you better. Thanks for being so determined and vocal to help make yourself and others better.

    I am excited to see what God has in store for you in 2013!

  3. Ailene Heuett says:

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