500th Nike Plus Run

500 runs with Nike + as of today October 6, 2012.

It has not been easy. Eighteen months missed due to injury and personal tragedy were a gift that helped me endure. So today, tired but thrilled, I marked off run 500! My running buddy, Josh, and I ran through trails to the rhythm of our feet, conversation, cool Alabama fall weather, and the occasional silence that makes running beautiful.

I never imagined that first day on October 6, 2008 that I would mark off this number. My lungs felt like they were going to burn. My face was flush. I couldn’t run 3/10 of a mile without having to walk. My first run was 1.1 miles in 18:46. It was shocking reality that mandated change. Within four months of that day, I completed my first half marathon and it felt amazing.

Running has exposed me in so many ways. It has strengthened me to become better. I have achieved things that I never imagined I could. Here are some highs and lows:

Slowest Mile – 17:54
Fastest Mile – 8:18

Slowest 5k – 48:35
Fastest 5k – 29:57

Slowest 10k – 1:17:08
Fastest 10k – 1:01:10

Slowest Half Marathon -3:05:30
Fastest Half – 2:26:42

Marathon – TBD 2013

Reached 1 million nike fuel points

Thanks to Nike+, Nike Fuelband, and my various Nike shoes along with the love and support of friends and family, I have lost 35 lbs, completed 5 half marathons, scheduled 5 in the next 12 months along with my first marathon next September. I have become a more disciplined brother, father, friend, and employee. It’s refreshing to look back over 1365 miles, 500 runs, 30 months, and draw from those times of pain, struggle, agony, sweat, determination, and victory as I continue to press forward.

Best wishes as you continue developing the will to prepare!


I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I am embracing the brokenness of my sin and sin nature, that apart from God through the work of Jesus Christ, I can do nothing. I am a work in progress surrounded by people who love the Lord. I want to know my story and be able to see Christ and myself in others.

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